London people in Madrid

Madrid is in top ten destination for visit in Europe. It’s culture and it’s tasty foods makes it a place you must visit at least once in your life time.

You can go with your friends or with the person you love. Either way, you will enjoy your time spent there.

For a group of friends who want to have a good time is the perfect destination as well. I can confirm it because I was there for a short period of time with my friends from London and we had a blast.

We started our morning with a nice coffee and churros outside in the city centre. The weather was so good you just want to stay outside all the time. After we got our energy from the coffee we went walking and visiting the centre. 

The architecture of the buildings and the colours are just magnificent. You can’t stop talking picture of it.

After 3 days in a row doing the same stuff we decided we need some adventure and more sun. So we went to the seaside. Best decision ever.

The water was so good and clean and the sand…just wow. It felt like paradise. I was so relaxed I couldn’t believe it. But my relaxation will soon come to an end.

One of my friend started to have really red legs. Very irritated from ankle to bottom.

She was so scared that we could barely calm her down. But the main question was what caused that? We all stayed at the sun the same amount of time that she did.

After more discussion she told us she is doing a laser hair removal treatment. She kept it a secret until now. I mean it’s no shame in doing that. She said she kept it from us because she felt embarrassed by the amount of hair on her body. She felt like a man. So we all started to look for side effects on google, and there were so manythings you need to consider before doing laser hair removalWe found a complete list of do’s and don’ts on Laser Andy.

Her fault was she didn’t discussed with her doctor about coming to the beach. I am sure you are not allowed to stay in the sun after a laser hair removal session. And I told her that but she kept saying her doctor didn’t mention nothing about it. 

She was irresponsible to expose her body in the sun like that. Of course she got irritated. Of course she looked like she had a disease or whatever. But it was only her fault. Every women should know how to take care of herself when she is doing a laser or IPL treatment.

I know this because I used to go to IPL sessions for my pubic hair. And I know for sure you are not allowed to stay in the sun at least 2 weeks after you make a hair removal treatment. 

Imagine she did the laser session with 2 days before coming to holiday. Not okay! Anyway we called her doctor, she said what I said to her and prescribed her a lotion that’ll calm the burn. Because she burnt her skin. She didn’t use any sunscreen which is very important to have and use after laser or IPL  hair removal.

The moral of this story is that whenever you go for any kind of treatment make sure to ask your doctor about any side effects that might happen. Or at least do your research. Many bloggers are talking about it and share their experience. 

Do that, in order, to have a holiday with no incidents.

I am sure next time we are going to the seaside she will know better than to stay at the sun unprotected after a laser hair removal session.